The Big 5 Construct North Africa

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Being one of Morocco’s most dynamic and strategic sectors, construction is employing around a million people. This sector is about to receive a powerful boost which could further develop Moroccan economy. From April 25th to 27th 2017 at the Parc Des Expostions de l’Office des Changes in Casablanca, at the world-famous, The Big 5 show Moroccan construction professionals will have the chance to explore the influencing trends of the industry and also find the latest solutions for the built environment.

According to Portfolio Exhibitions Director, Andy Pert this show will promote the long-term growth opportunities Morocco and the North African region, and further develop the Moroccan construction industry. Besides, this will also be a great chance to create new export partnerships for local Moroccan companies. They will have the chance to discuss and sharing best practices and innovative ideas from around the world. The Big 5 show will also provide them with networking, business and learning opportunities through recognised Continued Professional Development (CPD) workshops.

This will be a great opportunity for Morrocan construction professionals since The Big 5 is the largest and also the most influential portfolio of construction industry events across the Middle East, India, South-East Asia and Africa.

The show in 2016 had over 35,600 exhibitors and 195,500 visitors, with 1000 of speakers and 20,000 conference and summit attendees. It was the first show in the African continent, and it took place in Kenya. The show was organised in partnership with the National Construction Authority (NCA) with the support of the Kenyan Government.

The Big 5 show offers the abundance of knowledge and experience in construction materials and technologies. This will have an effect on further development of this industry and economy, and provide the opportunity for the further decline in unemployment rates.