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Radio ASWAT includes several radio shows which concern financial topics in Morocco and also around the world. These shows are created as interactive discussions between the experts and listeners where you can get the answers to the questions you never knew where to ask. Being the radio of the people ASWAT radio station allows to its listeners a unique opportunity to discuss whatever concerns them in the society and life today. Currently, the radio has three shows focused only on the financial topics and news. These financial programs are among the most popular shows on ASWAT radio station.

• Financial Talks

This ASWAT radio show is concerned with basic topics concerning the finances and the financial terminology. Here you can learn everything you need to know to follow financial news and participate in the financial market as well. There are plenty of methods to learn about this issues, but as it is already known that ASWAT radio tries to avoid any truth bending and complexity in the way of presenting the news, Financial Talks seems like the best available option. Because of these characteristics people love the show and are always glad to hear something new.

• The Show of the Experts

This weekly show brings financial experts as guests to share their tips and strategies about series of topics concerning financial planning, investing, as well as money management, money-saving, and many other similar issues people might have. The show is meant for all those who have concerns in these topics despite their age or status. With these simple tips and pieces of advice, everyone is able to become an expert when it comes to managing the money for their family or private business. The authority of these experts is undeniable for most of the listeners who are eager to learn how to navigate through financial waters.

• Let’s Talk About Finances

This show is a mainly interactive program in which the experts are trying to answer the questions made by listeners. Usually, these questions have a personal input which makes them specific for certain listeners and cannot be generally applied and explained in shows such as the previous one. However, answers to these questions can be relevant for everyone. Furthermore, the most important fact about the show is that these experts are trusted, and their pieces of advice are always welcomed, which makes this show extremely successful throughout Morocco.

Financial Experts Share Their Best Investing Secret

Investments can be a great way to make some profits and many people are drawn to it because it sounds so easy. Nevertheless, investments require careful planning and a strategic approach if investors want to see their investment grow. Some of the most successful investors finally spoke up to tell us what we can do […]

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Morocco – EU Talks on Free-Trade Accord

In 2013, the European Union started negotiations with Morocco concerning a free-trade deal, which represented the first EU step in developing trade ties with North African nations after a wave of Arab uprisings. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said these negotiations were the first part of a European strategy to draw North African region […]

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Moroccan Government Drafts New Rules to Attract Stock Market Investors

Since foreign companies were interested in making their profit on Moroccan market government of Morocco was under the enormous pressure. Over the time they have considered allowing foreign companies to become a part of the Casablanca stock exchange and simultaneously creating a second market that would be dedicated and appropriate for small and medium-sized businesses. […]

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Welcome to ASWAT Radio

radio studio

Radio ASWAT is a Moroccan interactive financial radio station with studios located in Casablanca. The radio was authorised in 2006 by the HACA – Haute Autorité de la Communication Audiovisuelle which stands for the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication. The first broadcast by Radio ASWAT was on13 February 2007.

Their program is primarily intended for active adults who are eager to learn about latest financial news, discuss different financial topics in the country and around the world. It is the radio which supports emancipation and development in all fields, which is proved with our regular financial tips for all those who are interested to know how to make a success in financial areas. Furthermore, our radio program also covers other general information, sports and social topics as well, giving the importance to the positive examples, topics concerning the life in society and also the economy as a part of that society.
Most importantly, Radio ASWAT claims the coverage on the entire national territory.

The ASWAT radio station is an independent and respectful radio owned by the company “La Marocaine de Radio and Broadcast”. It is determined to present the information honestly and without any complexity making it available and understandable to everyone. Because of all these things the radio station captures the attention of the audience and represents a reliable source of information.

Our slogan is „It is your turn to speak“ which means that we will be glad to hear your concerns on different topics to solve potential problems on our local levels together. It is the radio of the people and for the people. Our shows are mostly presented in Arabic and French, and we are also proud to have information that may concern most of our listeners and readers across the country.

Radio ASWAT is your radio, ready to cover the stories in the way that is comprehensible by all of our listeners and help them stay informed on variety of topics from daily news related to the society, politics and culture, tips and changes in the financial market, latest sports events in Morocco and around the world, top rated online casinos and many other interesting pieces of information. Most importantly, all these news will be delivered properly and without bending the truth, which makes us trustworthy news program.

Our goal is that this site becomes your routine the same way as it is the case with yours and ours Radio ASWAT.