Radio Shows


Radio ASWAT includes several radio shows which concern financial topics in Morocco and also around the world. These shows are created as interactive discussions between the experts and listeners where you can get the answers to the questions you never knew where to ask. Being the radio of the people ASWAT radio station allows to its listeners a unique opportunity to discuss whatever concerns them in the society and life today. Currently, the radio has three shows focused only on the financial topics and news. These financial programs are among the most popular shows on ASWAT radio station.

• Financial Talks

This ASWAT radio show is concerned with basic topics concerning the finances and the financial terminology. Here you can learn everything you need to know to follow financial news and participate in the financial market as well. There are plenty of methods to learn about this issues, but as it is already known that ASWAT radio tries to avoid any truth bending and complexity in the way of presenting the news, Financial Talks seems like the best available option. Because of these characteristics people love the show and are always glad to hear something new.

• The Show of the Experts

This weekly show brings financial experts as guests to share their tips and strategies about series of topics concerning financial planning, investing, as well as money management, money-saving, and many other similar issues people might have. The show is meant for all those who have concerns in these topics despite their age or status. With these simple tips and pieces of advice, everyone is able to become an expert when it comes to managing the money for their family or private business. The authority of these experts is undeniable for most of the listeners who are eager to learn how to navigate through financial waters.

• Let’s Talk About Finances

This show is a mainly interactive program in which the experts are trying to answer the questions made by listeners. Usually, these questions have a personal input which makes them specific for certain listeners and cannot be generally applied and explained in shows such as the previous one. However, answers to these questions can be relevant for everyone. Furthermore, the most important fact about the show is that these experts are trusted, and their pieces of advice are always welcomed, which makes this show extremely successful throughout Morocco.